Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Paintblogging - In The Graveyard Part IIII

Well it took me a couple of months but I finally got my painting finished.

Picking up where we left off before I filled in the color of the characters on the bench. I went with blue for the skin of the Bride and my favorite pea soup green for the Monster. I like how the wrappings on the Bride turned out, but I wish I had made the Monster's head a little thinner.

Now its time to finish off the final tree. It was a pretty big one so I broke it up and did the branches first, then the trunk. The color of the branches is slightly more blue than the trunk but I think I got it pretty close. I also added some vines wrapping around the tree. I was still unhappy about the Monster's eyes so I painted over them in order to redo them.

For the finishing touches I redid the Monster's eyes, making them about half the size they were before. I think he looks a lot better than he did before, he has the blank stare I was going for. I also added some patches of grass around the bases of the trees and the tombstones.

 I have to say I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I'm looking forward to seeing how it will look once I have glazed it.

Now to come up with a new idea.