Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Paintblogging: Frankenstein Vs the Sludge Monster II

Ok another shot at this paintblogging thing. I gotta say one of the good things about being
unemployed is I'm getting a lot of painting done.
I've gotten my process for getting the illustration onto the canvas down pat. I save a copy
of the line drawing at the same dimensions as the canvas and then measure out key points of
the drawing. Then its just connect the dots to finish it off.

Like the others I get the deepest elements done first. In this case its the sky and the

The rock work came next. I'm getting pretty good and doing rock and stone. Its a good thing
too as it seems to be a feature in most of my work. I like working on canvas, I find it
really helps in creating texture.

And just when I'm starting to get sick of blue and grey I get to start adding another color.
I filled in a good chunk of the area that will be slime with a flat dark green. I gotta admit
I'm a little nervous about how this is gonna turn out. I haven't had any luck painting liquids
in the past. Lets hope I can figure out how to do it.

Till next time.