Friday, March 18, 2016

Paintblogging: Frankenstein Vs the Sludge Monster IIII

Well its done. I fixed up the cloud and the rats at the bottom, and finished off the monsters clothes and his head. Now onto something new.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Paintblogging: Frankenstein Vs the Sludge Monster III

Back at it. I've been between jobs for a while now so I've been able to get a lot done on the
painting. Picking up where I left off before I'm trying to add some life to the pool of sludge
that the characters are standing in. I made it a nice pea soup green and tried to make it look
swirling with some bubbles mixed throughout. I kinda like how it looks.

Now I have to keep it going and make it look like the large character is rising out of it. It
doesn't look too bad. Considering I haven't done much liquid before I think it turned out all
right. I gave him red glowing eyes and a Robocop 2 inspired brain jar.

Now its back to the previous colors to do the rocks that are floating in the muck at the bottom.
I don't know if I got the colors to exactly match what I had done before but its close enough.

And now getting into more of the fun stuff. I filled in the skull and the rats. I'm thinking of
going back at the end and doing some more work on the rats, I made their hair a little too spikey,
gotta go back and smooth them out a bit. I also started working on Frankie's clothes. Classic black
jacket and pants with a purple and black shirt. I've started a bit of the shading on his right side,
next step will be the rest.

See ya real soon.