Thursday, October 23, 2014

Paintblogging - In The Graveyard Part III

Well its been a month so it must be time again to check in on the status of the painting.

With the background finished I decided to start on the ground. Just like I did with the sky
I filled the whole area in with a flat black.

Then I went with the sponge and filled in the colors I wanted. I went with a blueish gray
for the most part, and lightened it up and added in some yellow for the light coming off
the lantern. I like using the sponge when painting things like the ground or the sky, it
really makes a nice looking texture.

I finished off the tree on the far right and three of the tombstones. Then added in the

The last tombstone and the bench were done in the same style as the other tombstones. I
tried to dab in a bit of yellow to look like light from the lantern. And lastly I've
started on Frankie's outfit. I'm going with the classic fuzzy vest look from "Son of

Tune in again soon for another update.

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